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Minergie-ECO - for building ecology and health

Indoor air measurements for building certificates (Minergie-ECO, DGNB, LEED): On the initiative of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the ECO-Baur association, S-Cert AG issues the certificate “Sampling point for indoor air measurements” and checks compliance with the requirements for quality management, the test procedure, calibration of the measuring instruments, etc. by means of annual audits. We hold certificate no. 094-PNS-107 and are thus entrusted with carrying out indoor air measurements for various labels such as Minergie-ECO, DGNB and LEED.

Minergie is a Swiss building standard for new and modernised buildings. It is a protected trademark supported by the economy, the Confederation and the cantons. Minergie-ECO is a joint project of the Minergie and ecobau associations. It extends the three Minergie building standards to include health and building ecology. In the area of “health”, the aspects of “daylight”, “sound insulation” and “indoor climate” are taken into account; in the area of “building ecology”, the topics of “sustainable building concept”, “materialisation and processes” and “grey energy” are considered.

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hpb consulting umweltmanagement - Minergie-ECO specialist partner

We are an official Minergie-ECO specialist partner and can therefore provide expert support for building projects in accordance with the Minergie-ECO standards. As a specialist partner, you have to meet high quality requirements, and the necessary knowledge is acquired through sound training and further education. For many investors and prospective real estate buyers, the purchase of a property can only be considered today if the building is certified according to Minergie or Minergie ECO standards. With our advice and other services as a Minergie-ECO specialist partner, we ensure that your property – if necessary with a more comprehensive refurbishment – meets the requirements for successful certification. A sustainable contribution to the increase in value and good saleability of your property!