Site monitoring and sanitation supervision

… Control is better

Have you commissioned a company to carry out a major renovation and want to be sure that the work is carried out proportionately and correctly? We advise the owners, accompany the companies carrying out the work and check the costs as well as compliance with laws and regulations.

Old Roof Insulation
Project of building in the main plan

The monitoring of the work includes the following steps:

  • Organisation of sanitation and preparatory work
  • Communication with the responsible parties, approval of the sanitation work
  • Briefing and instruction of specialist companies
  • Quality control of the sanitation through visual inspections and ambient air measurements.
  • Control and supervision of any additional work
  • Ensuring complete removal of pollutants
  • Checking the extent of the work carried out
  • Controlling costs
  • Controlling the proper disposal of pollutants and demolition materials in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Validating the work, releasing the cleaned areas for further renovation and preparing a final report

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