Building diagnosis

The first step towards healthy living and working

You are not sure about the quality of your building fabric with regard to pollutants? Many buildings constructed before 1990 contain pollutants such as asbestos, PCBs or PAHs. On the basis of a building diagnosis, we identify problematic components and assess the necessity and urgency of remediation. We determine the dimensions and calculate the costs.

Old house
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The building diagnosis includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of the inspection on the basis of the building history and plans
  • Visit of all rooms, visual check for the presence of pollutants and sampling of suspect materials.
  • Analysis of samples by accredited laboratories to detect the presence of pollutants (asbestos, PCB / CP, PAH, mould, heavy metals, etc.).
  • Drawing up a database of identified or suspect materials (information, location, photos, etc.)
  • Assess the building’s condition and the urgency of the remediation in accordance with the applicable legal provisions (EKAS 6503, Dec. 2008).
  • Estimate the approximate costs of remediation and removal of pollutants.
  • Detailed report on the results and conclusion on the measures to be taken.
  • Maintaining a pollutant register for owners of larger real estate portfolios.